Spoof Defender

Stop leaking money to bad affiliates!

Find the bad actors TODAY!

Most affiliate programs leak commissions to malicious users, who buy search ads on your brand terms. You can't see them in any Google Ads report, yet you pay them every single month

🔎 They bid on your brand

Not only they steal your brand traffic, but that increases your own brand's CPC! Destroying the ROI on your brand efforts 📉

And you pay them, every month 💸

👀 They hide in your brand traffic and you have no way to find them other than searching for your brand manually & regularly country by country.

If only there was a way to find these guys... And stop losing money

Spoof Defender will scan all relevant Google Ads & Bing Location targets in search of these spoofers and deliver them to your inbox weekly


  • €70/month

  • Google & Bing

  • +60 Countries

  • Weekly report delivered by email


  • €700/year (save 17%)

  • Google & Bing

  • +60 Countries

  • Weekly report delivered by email

Made with ❤️ in 🇩🇰 and 🇧🇷 by sat stackers

Why Bitcoin?

This service is provided by Bitcoiners, thus we encourage you to use your sats to pay for it. Keep that BTC circular economy going! And you get a discount on top!

As a merchant it makes life much simpler as we don't need to worry about payment processors, counterparty risk, bank accounts, banksters, fraud payments or chargebacks.

For the enthusiasts out there, we run our full nodes (we have 4) and process our own payments using BTCpay Server. Shitcoins are welcome to be dumped via our Changelly integration. We Hodl the one and only Bitcoin.

Thank you

We'll send you a payment request in the email shared. After that you'll hear from us weekly with your report.